You Know What Bothers Me? Wuss Behavior

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“We are a generation of men raised by women”
-Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Generally, I don’t advocate the following of anything Tyler Durden from Fight Club says. He is, after all, a sociopath and terrorist. Still the quote itself is very relevant for a generation of men trying to reclaim their manhood.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. I’m sure you have. Guy takes girl on date. He’s indecisive. He doesn’t know how to have an interesting conversation. If a girl asks him what he feels like doing, he says something like “Duhhhh, I dunno. What do you wanna do?”

He talks about his feelings. He shares his insecurities. He calls and texts her following the date and doesn’t get why she doesn’t call back. He thought it went so well! So he sends her flowers… and it goes on and on and on and on.

THIS is Wuss Behavior. Oh, how I loathe it. Do you think it’s uncommon? It isn’t. In fact, it’s rather terrifyingly common. Having been around the block, so to speak, I’ve had tons of occasions to sit down with girls and ask them about previous experiences and this one always comes up.

For the love of GOD, guys, please reclaim your balls from the lost and found already. You are MEN. Act like MEN. Stop acting like what your mommy taught you would turn you into a good husband. This is not attractive. There is literally NOTHING that repels women more, barring syphillis.

Alright, I’m not going to go into an in-depth discussion on why lots of men have become this way. I’ll save that for another article. What I will do is give you a quick cheat sheet for avoiding the dread Wuss Behavior.

-Be a loveable jerkass. Flirt with her. Bust her balls about anything you can think of. One of the great dating skills you can learn is to look at a girl and find 5 things to make fun of her about as fast as you can. Practice this on girls you won’t even talk to. The more you do it, the better you’ll get. Obviously, this requires some sensory acuity. You have to be funny and not outright mean.

-Take control back. As hard as it is, you have to divorce yourself from the outcome of any interaction with a woman. You must NEVER try to seek their approval. Anything you say or do, you need to stand behind 110%. Never backpedal. Women are testing you all the time, especially early on, to see if you back up what you say or if you’re full of it. If you do not come off as needing a woman’s approval, you are more likely to actually receive it.

-Think of interesting things to talk about. If you can’t do that on the fly, think things up in advance. Funny topics. Topics about male-female relationships. Cool anecdotes. Whatever. Make sure it’s fun and make sure you have several of them queued up in case you get stuck.

-Don’t even give the girl a chance to ask what you want to do. Be in control. Have a plan in advance of what your itinerary will be for the evening. If you want it to come off as spontaneous, don’t tell her what it is and just take her there.

-Don’t try to ‘bribe’ her with dinner, gifts, flowers, etc. Women will be flattered by this, but certainly not attracted. Unless you’re P. Diddy and money is no object to you, do something small for your first date.

There it is. A quick guide to being non-wusslike. I think there’s a lot more to be said on the subject because worrying about losing ‘their chance’ with a girl is a pretty big hump that a lot of guys have trouble getting over. As such, we will revisit this again in the future.

Till next time, gentlemen.

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