Aresmen Video Game Review – Mass Effect 3 (PS3/Xbox 360/PC)

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It Sucks.

Haha. I wonder how much hate mail that’s gonna get me. Of course it’s awesome. At this point, that goes without saying. Unless Bioware had gone on an loopy drug ‘n’ alchohol binges for the ages which would have thrown the game completely off the rails, Mass Effect 3 was going to be awesome.

So the crux of the review becomes: How good is it? Better than 1 and 2? In between?

The game’s story is epic beyond anything we’ve seen in videogaming to date. Shepard’s battle against the Reapers has a massive scope that you can truly feel. Shepard must unite the warring and struggling factions of the galaxy against the impending doom. DOOM I SAY.

The plot continue to be beyond great. It is surprisingly sad and touching at times, and occasionally rousing and operatic at others. You’re really invested in the characters, especially if you’ve played through the first two games.

Gameplay-wise, the game resembles Mass Effect 2 more than the first. However there are more RPG elements in this one, bringing it a little bit closer to the series’ RPG roots. All in all, it seems to be the perfect combination of the first two games.

If there are any issues with the gameplay, it’s pretty much the same problems that were in the first two games: The cover-based shooting is a bit restrictive and repetitive as usual. It doesn’t have the best shooting gameplay of any game ever, but the game’s many other positives cover up for it.

Romance is back. You can continue your romances from Mass Effect 1 or 2, or start new ones. However, you can tell that more work was put into some characters than others. Some characters don’t even give you a PG-13 sex scene. For SHAME. For Christ sakes, you rekindle your romance with Jack by DANCING with her. For anyone that romanced Jack in ME 2… or knows her character at all, does that sound right? They shoulda pulled out all the stops here, but I guess I’m nitpicking here.

If the Metal Gear series was the last gaming Generation’s sweeping epic, Mass Effect is the greatest series of this generation. Play it. Play the Series if you haven’t. Seriously.


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