Supernatural TV Review Episode 6.12 Time After Time

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We get a reminder that Bobby’s dead and that he’s soon likely to be visiting us in Ghost form. Then, at the beginning of the episode Dean gets zappeded and disappeared.

2 days earlier:

Sam wants Dean to talk about his feelings on Dick Roman! We’ve never seen this before! So Dean never wins Rock Paper Scissors. Stupid strategic Sam. Dean oughta punch him. There’s no WAY paper should beat rock.

Looks we’re getting an episode of the week with our villain being ‘Fedora Dude’. Really guys? Fedora dude? Can anything save this dull, dreary set-up?


So Dean’s been sent back to 1944 and meets Hunter Elliott Ness? Hmmm. I can’t figure out whether that’s awesome or lame.

It looks like they’re keeping the sheriff around despite Bobby’s untimely passing. She starts helping Sam hunt for Cronus. The Cronus? Titan Cronus? Okay. I guess we’ll see where they go with this.

Upon further reflection, the Eliott Ness thing is awesome. Jensen Ackles really knows how to play the comedy in these time travel episodes…. “Hello Nurse”? Did Eliott Ness just make an Animaniacs reference? In the 40s?

So Dean “Back to the Future IIIs” a note to Sam which will allow them to pinpoint the exact point Dean will touch Cronus and therefore bring him back. I have to say, I’m not getting too much Titan from this version of Cronus. More… whiny douche? Sam goes to see the chick he was banging back in the day and we learn that Cronus ‘kills’ either Sam or Ness. Uh Oh Spaghetti-Oh! Feel the DRAMA!

So Sam and Dean end up killing the GREEK GOD Cronus (I still get weirded out when they do stuff like that, Loki and Paris Hilton notwithstanding)… and he prophesizes that the leviathans will kill everything bla bla world of ooze blah blah.

Abrupt cut to credits for Drama.

Fun episode. Not the best of the gimmick eps, but it certainly showed the show still has legs.

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