HBO 24/7 NHL Hockey Flyers and Rangers Review Season 2.04

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Here it is, bitches! The actual Winter Classic is coming up.

Wow. So they decide to put a live mic in Bryzgalov’s face after a bunch of losses? This will of course end well and result in absolutely no controversy whatsoever.

So the Flyers are headed to Pittsburgh, where Max Talbot and Jamy Jagr are sure to get a hero’s welcome. Right? Right?

Seriously, what the Hell WAS up with Jagr to Philly? It’s like Rocket Richard signing with the Leafs for no reason at the end of his career.

Meanwhile, Sean Avery acts like a complete and utter weirdo creeper. Ah, hockey. The only job where you can be rewarded for being a sick and twisted sociopath (Hi there, Boston Bruins!)

So Bryz is out for the game against Pittsburgh and Laviolette… I have to say that pretty almost all of his speeches are pretty much the same. I’m curious to see if he can do anything different this week.

Talbot does actually seem to get a gracious welcome. Jagr, though… looks like the perceived betrayal runs deeper. They boo and then salutes them when he scores. Kind of a dick, huh, Jagr?

Looks like Avery’s headed back to the AHL.

Couldn’t have happened to a douchier douchebag.

Yeouch. Del Zotto got shelackified. I like that the Rangers were able to straighten the offender out. Things like that turn out best when players police themselves.

Lavs decides to go with Bob instead of Bryz for the Winter Classic. Guess our petty little problems here on God’s Green Earth do matter compared to the HUMANGOUS BIG universe, huh?

His interview with reporters is equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking… as much as you can possible feel bad for someone making a gazillion dollars a year to sit on his ass on the bench drinking tea.

Monday is gameday in Philadelphia. Let’s get it ON.

I like that Torts has his players chime in during team meetings. No better way to drill something into someone’s head than to have them say it.

Old Time hockey. I love it. Jagr gets injured. Scrums break out. Tons of intensity and scoring chances, Great goaltending. Good stuff.

Flyers draw first blood, going up 2-zip… but very few leads are safe in hockey. Mike Rupp scores one and… gives the Jagr salute? Ballsy.

Ah Flyers… so worried about Rupp’s Jagr salute to worry about Rupp potting another one. And then the Rangers taking the lead.

Some horrible reffing occurs towards the end of the game. No way Callahan should have been called there. Then, we get a penalty shot with INCEPTION MUSIC. Hells yeah!

Rangers hold on.

Fantastic season of 24-7. Hope it’ll be back next year, giving us more hockey insider goodness. Good night, everyone.

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