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Oh Pixar.

Why is it that you’re able to take insanely unmarketable concepts such as… Oh… An old man that makes his house fly with balloons or a rat that cooks… And you turn those into excellent, heartfelt movies.

Then, you’re handed marketable concept… such as cars that are alive or Scottish fairy tales and you just. I don’t know. Make a movie that’s kind of there.

I liked Brave. It was a pretty okay. It is also gorgeous, with characters animated excellently and landscapes straight out of Scotland.

When I heard the concept and saw the first few teasers, my first thought was that the film looked like a bankable Miyazaki-style epic that would actually appeal to American audiences. Along the way, I expected a trademark Pixar plot that appeals to both Adults and Children.

Then, I saw the later trailers which were focused on the slapstick comedy between Scottish clansfolk and I was… a lot less enthused.

Still, I thought this might be some sort of Marketing gimmick for the youngins, and walked into Brave hoping to see something special.

Instead, what I got was pretty ordinary.

Brave isn’t really a Pixar movie. It acts more like a Disney one. There is the standard Disney princess  Merida, who wants to be free to do what she wants. Whee!

Unfortunately, her loving yet misguided and overbearing mother wants her to be a proper lady! Oh noes!

The movie is filled with Girl Power cliches and “Be Yourself” afterschool special messages. It’s the same kind of stuff we’ve been seeing forever.

I went into Brave expecting something interesting. Something epic. Something That I hadn’t seen before from your conventional Kid’s fare. I hope Pixar isn’t going into a bit of a slump.

We’ll see if their next movie with an absolutely loopy concept is as amazing as they usually tend to be.

Till then, watch Brave in theatres if you like pretty things. Otherwise, wait for the Blu-Ray.


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