Terminator II: Judgment Day

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Drink once every time:

-The T1000 goes liquid metal with impressive CGI POWERRRRRRRS!
-Sarah Conner Acts Tough/Beats someone up/Glares a hole through them
-John Conner acts like a snot-nosed little brat and/or tough
-Anyone in the psychiatric institution acts like a horrible douche (doctors, staff, security, etc)
-Miles Dyson FREAKS OUT.
-Arnold starts blurting expository dialogue about how Terminators work
-Chug when Arnold Fires off a Catchphrase (I’ll be back, Hasta La Vista, Trust Me, Come with me if you want to live, etc)
-Someone gets shot and/or stabbed
-Someone Fires a gun (Machine Guns or rapid bursts count as 1. We’re not trying to Kill you)

Drunkometer: Terminated… II

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