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Here’s a Drinking Game for Game of Thrones from annalucylle

Drink When:

A King of any kind is Killed

Someone is Declared King for the First Time

Someone Proposes a Toast or Swigs his Drink

A Wedding Match or Wedding Takes Place

The Winning Side is Named after a Battle

Gratuitous HBO Nudity (2 shots if it’s male)

Someone Sacrifices or is Sacrificed

Someone Breaks a Vow or Oath

Someone Says Valar Morghulis

Joffrey Acts Like Douchebag

Cersei Plots

Sansa Whines or Acts like a Moron (2 if her Wolf is involved)

Daenerys says she’s a Targaryen (2 if she mentions Dragons)

Crows Caw Ominously or Appear in Dreams

Someone Argues about Which God is Best

Arya Vows to Kill Someone

The Dog (Sandor Clegane) Maims or Kills Someone

Tyrion Makes a Quip

Bran Wishes he could Walk Again

Hodor Says Hodor (One drink for each time!)

There’s a Feast

Jon Snow Feels Guilty About Something

Sam Tarly Acts like a Coward (2 if it’s for comic relief)

You Will Die, Puny Mortal

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