Dirty Dancing Drinking Game

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One to do with the Ladies. This one will get you both sloshed.

Dirty Dancing Drinking Game

Drink Whenever

-Someone says “Baby” (Songs count too)

-Baby Struggles with dancing.

-There is slutty dancing

-A new song plays

-Johnny and Baby Bicker

-Whenever Johnny is disapproved of or misunderstood.

-Rich people act like dicks towards poor people.

-Chug for any montage

-Every time someone attempts a lift. Chug if they succeed.

-Whenever Baby’s father dotes on her.

-“I Had the Time of My Life” is hinted at musically.

-Someone has sex.

-Chug and groan for the line: “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

-Chug for the whole final dance sequence.

Baby Pukes in the Corner. Possibly sobbing and regretting her repeated unprotected sex after just having witnessed an abortion. Dumbass..

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