Expendables 2 Drinking Game

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The Expendables 2 Drinking Game

Drink Whenever:

-Anyone is killed, including minions.

-Some strange, badass words appear on a vehicle (ie: Bad Attitude)

-Anything Explodes

-A new well-known action star pops up for the first time.

-A catchphrase is used or spoofed.

-Chug if cobras are mentioned. It’s totally worth it.

-Someone flexes their biceps.

-Anyone runs out of ammo

-Chuck Norris does anything awesome (Hint: Chug whenever he’s onscreen)

-Anyone says “Billy”

-Chug if someone literally loses their head somehow.

-Anyone says anything with an accent.

-Any of the Big 3 (Arnold, Sly, Bruce), interact.

A Roundhouse Kick to the Balls

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