Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers

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Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers Drinking Game

Drink Whenever

-Someone says “Tower” or any variation thereof.

-Someone references Helm’s Deep, Rohan, or Theoden.

-Gollum says “Precious”

-Gollum refers to anyone in the 3rd person including himself.

-Aragorn does something Badass.

-Gandalf does something Badass.

-Theoden does or says something Badass.

-Eowyn does something Badass or pines for the ability to do Badass things.

-An Ent says Hmmmmmmm.

-Merry and Pippin act like dumbasses for comedic reasons.

-You see the Eye of Sauron.

-Chug when you acually see one of the Two Towers in Question.

-There’s a fight or battle.

-The Ring torments or tortures Frodo

-Anyone faces impossible odds.

-One small sip for every orc or uruk killed during the battle of Helm’s Deep. That alone will get you knackered.

A quantity of booze so large it can destroy the world.

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