Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the Ring

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Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring Drinking Game

Drink Whenever:

-Someone smokes.

-Someone says “Ring”, “Bearer” or “Precious”, or we see a closeup of the aforementioned Precious.

-The Ring is Used

-Anyone engages in actual sorcery.

-Chug for “The One Ring”

-Boromir is tempted.

-An orc or goblin are killed.

-Sting Glows.

-The Ring Torments Frodo in some way.

-Sam says “Mr. Frodo”

-We see a sweeping panoramic shot of a gorgeous location.

-A Ringwraith does the patented Ringwraith Scream (TM)

-Frodo tries to give away the ring.

-Chug if a member of the Fellowship Dies *sniff*

You have my sword, my axe, and possibly my vomit on your shoe.

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