The Top 5 Retro Video Games of All Time

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Below is an aggregated top 5 list of all of the Aresmen writers. All writers were asked to submit a Top 5 list. Entries were scored on a points system and the winners are below. Added are a few comments from the various writers.

Given that this is a retro list, we limited ourselves to games in the PS/N64 era and earlier.

NOTE: Some videos contain spoilers.

5) Super Metroid

Francois: Game Design is Key Here. I can not think of a better designed game than Super Metroid. Everything “clicks” into place as if it were meticulously planned by some divine hand. The gameplay is amazing as well.

Jack Sawyer: See unreachable door in giant sprawling labyrinth. Go find two items to reach said door. Come back and collect goodies. Fight Giant Flying Space Pirate Monsters. Perfect.

4) Chrono Trigger

Dax and Dufour had this as their number one… But it didn’t rank on anyone else’s. Let’s see what they have  to say.

Francois: This is an absolute classic. With an epic storyline that spans the ages and glorious RPG gameplay that holds up to this very day, Chrono Trigger is a Perfect Game. Truly The Godfather of Games.

Dax: It’s Back to the Future meets Slashing Stuff with a sword. I’m on board.

3) Street Fighter II

This thing wasn’t number one on any list, but popped up on almost all of them. Here are Sawyer and  Dufour to talk about it.

Jack: It revolutionized gaming. It made Arcades the place to be. It was played to death by everyone and their third cousin on the SNES. Hadoken, bitches. Hadoken.

Francois: Of all the games I’ve ever played, I’ve probably played this the most. I spent countless hours mastering the glorious cheapness of Guile and unleashing him on my unsuspecting friends. Street Fighter II was a game changer. I still play it to this day.

2) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

This lost out to number 1 by a VERY slim margin.

Francois: The gem of the 16 bit age. Chrono Trigger wins on my list because of its fantastic story, but it was close.

Dave: My undisputed number one. It was just so damn fun. Nothing was wasted. I remember the first time I saw that damn rain on the Super Nintendo. I think I called my whole family into to room to see it.

1) The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

It was close, but Ocarina wins out. Let’s see what everyone says:

Francois: A fantastic game. Even moreso than Mario 64, it brought video games into the third dimension. Every action or adventure game since owes something to the splendor of OoT. If I have any issue with it, it’s that the game is just a touch too easy.

Jack Sawyer: My undisputed number one. From the opening sequence, you’re hooked. Epic story. Everything is fun to do… Even collecting, which usually makes me want to stab myself in the eyes repeatedly. The gameplay is perfect. Everything has its place. The music is awesome. 5 Stars. Yatta and whatnot.

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