Top 10 Funniest Video Games of All Time

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In a world where games are violent and where your objective is often to bludgeon/shoot/maim/slice/gruesomely execute several nameless minions in order to accomplish some hackneyed goal. (ie: Murder thousands of sentient Turtles and Mushrooms to save one measly princess), games that are actually funny are not as common in the medium as you would think.

Here is a list of the top 10 most side-splittingly hilarious games of all time. As per usual with Aresmen, this list skews retro, so quit yer whining already.

10) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

The game, in and of itself, is actually a rather serious and epic take on the Star Wars Universe. It is probably the best take on the franchise since the original trilogy (and yes, that counts the prequels.) Nonetheless, there is one reason and one reason only that this game is comedy Gold.

HK-47 proves that yes, murderous sociopath droids that want to kill every sentient meatbag in the Universe do exist.

Not only that, but he’s on your side. He oozes sarcasm with every digitized word he speaks. Every phrase he utters contains a threat, an insult, or an offer to kill something for you.

The Cylons were made by Man indeed.

9) Portal Series

Similarly to the above, Portal has narrator/villain/maniacal oversexed sentient robot GLaDOS. She ranks higher than HK since she’s pretty much omnipresent throughout the entire game and is rather creepily and hilariously in love with you. Her sole purpose seems to be to mess with you so that you’ll fail and stick around with her. I like it.

8 ) Fable II

The tone of this game is just not what it should be. The developers infuse dry british comedy into almost every facet of this game, from the dialogue, to pop culture references, to the item descriptions. Check these out:

Condom: “Avoid unwanted pregnancies andd sexually transmitted diseases with this fetching sheath, made only from the best animal intestines.”

Shard Shard:”Since the large Shard you chipped this off was itself just a piece of a much larger structure, you might even call it a Shard Shard Shard.”

Hoptimus Prime: “This is as good as beer gets. Transform yourself into a drunken pillar of health and strength with this superhuman brew.”

7) Red Alert Series

The Political Satire/Farce in this is incredible. All you need to Believe is to take a look at these:

God Bless you, Red Alert 3.

6) Monkey Island Series

Now we get into the real hilarious stuff. From here on in, the list is almost interchangeable, since the following games are all gut-bustingly funny.

Monkey Island is an old-school Adventure Game in the vein of King’s Quest and its predecessor from Lucasarts, Maniac Mansion. You follow the ridiculously named Guybrush Threepwood as he meanders about fighting Pirates or something… Barely.

5) Super Mario RPG

This game is both awesome and hilarious. In some ways, it has completely defined the personalities for Mario, Bowser, and co. since it came out. Bowser is affably evil and inept and sometimes a big pouting kid. Mario can’t speak, so he communicates through hilarious pantomime. The satire and characters are great. Even their take on video game linearity is pretty funny. Check out this exchange when you do stuff that you’re not supposed to.

And some more funny scenes:


4) Earthworm Jim Series

Just Sheer insanity and randomness. Evil cats from Hell. Flying cows. Giant Malformed Slug Queens… This game is just sheer nonsensical madness. A satire of both videogames and superheroes, EWJ has still got it. Also, check out the equally hilarious TV show if you can find it.

Here’s the first level of the game

Here’s the horrifically disturbing Puppy Love level from Earthworm Jim 2.

You Get the Idea.

3) Sam and Max Series.

What do you get when you cross a maniacal bunny with a slightly less maniacal Detective Dog? Hilarity. I can’t even do these two justice by trying to explain, so take a look.

2) Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.

Just great comedic writing here. Everything from the Brothers, to Peach having her voice stolen, and replaced with explosive symbol cursing.. to Fawful… Oh God… Fawful.

Take a look:

1) Conker’s Bad Fur Day

This game satirizes everything. Games. Movies. Itself. World War II. I need say only one thing. The Great Mighty Poo.

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