The Darkness II Review (Xbox 360/PS3)

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Ah, horrific violence. Brings a tear to the eye really. Following up on Xbox 360 launch game The Darkness erm… One? Jackie Estacado is back in the Darkness II, wantonly leaving carnage and spleens in his wake.

As first person shooters go, the gimmick for the Darkness II is that you have the usual shooting mechanic, along with your creepy darkness demon powers, which allow you to toss enemis about and slaughter them beyond recognition.

While this is fun, I really feel a slightly different genre might have served this franchise better. Perhaps a mass-effect style shooter rather than this. Because of the game’s style, Jackie’s powers seem somewhat limited, especially if you’re a fan of the comic and know what the Darkness can actually do.

However, for what it is, the game is a pretty fun shooter. Probably nothing you’ll remember a week after you finish playing it, but it’ll certainly help you kill the time.

The game has a fun experience system, which rewards you for creatively maiming your opponents rather than just blasting through everyone, so I’m sure all you sadists out there will get some enjoyment out of tormenting some cannon fodder.

Also, the game has a surprisingly touching story etched with pathos that I found myself enjoying. I’m happy they didn’t phone in that aspect of the game despite the genre.

The game does have a few issues. The single player campaign is noticeably short. Fun, but short. For that very reason, it becomes difficult to suggest this game as anything but a rental. Also, it”s hard to get very invested in the drama when half the enemies look exactly alike. Come on, guys. Gone are the days of palette swapped ninjas. You can do better.

Overall, the Darkness II isn’t too shabby. If you’ve got an evening or two to kill, you can’t go wrong giving it a whirl.

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