Top 5 Surpisingly Epic Video Games of our Childhood

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Due to the success of our Top 5 Epic Cartoons article, we’ve decided to give you one for games as well. We take care of our readerses, yes.

Let’s get started

5) Super Mario RPG (SNES)

This one is actually a bit of a cheat, since most Mario games are actually pretty awesome, but this is a nostalgic list, and I put it on here because it was my first RPG. It veritably introduced me to the genre and to the possibility of sweeping and complex storylines in videogames.

Whoever thought our little Jumpman could team up with a crew with motley characters and his arch-nemesis to create such an epic game? No one… Till we played it.

4) Batman (NES)

Why is this surprisingly epic? Because it was a movie licensed game that did not suck. These things were in short supply back in the day, where every developer and their third cousin was trying to make a quick buck with a licensed game.

For Batman, we get an epic and Ninja Gaiden-style action-platformer that has very little to do with the movie, but who cares? it’s fricking Fantastical.

3) E.V.O.:The Search for Eden (SNES)

If you’ve even heard of this game, I commend you.

Have you ever felt the need to run around and kill things as a Dinosaur, then evolve into a Sabertooth Tiger and tear out some jugulars? Well, you can with E.V.O. The game that spans Billions of Years of Earth’s history.

A side-scrolling action platformer RPG (seriously), E.V.O. is quite the original game. You play an immortal creature that teams up with the planet to… I dunno… Guide evolution or something?

As you advance, you kill and eat creatures, which gives you evolution points to evolve. Take a look:

As you gain points, you can evolve different parts of your body to make yourself look like different real creatures or play around and make up imaginary ones.

All in all, a very unique game you should check out.

2) Earthbound (SNES)

This one is more well-known, but is just surprising from how weird the premise is:

Some random kid with a bat fights an alien to save the Earth.

What ensues is one of the best RPGs of the 16-bit era.

Even the Intro is kind of like… “The Hell?”

But then you get this:

1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle IV: Turtles in Time (SNES)

What a great game. Coming off the heels of 3 interesting NES beat-em-ups, TMNT IV is the crowning jewel of the franchise

Turtles 1 was… weird.

Turtles 2 was a… frankly… a bad port of the Arcade Game.

Turtles 3 was better, but Turtles IV is fantastic. It’s a nearly picture-perfect port of the arcade version. On top of that it adds levels and bosses that were not in the arcade version. The Battle against Shredder where you’re flinging Foot Soldiers at him is great.

It’s an incredibly fun beat-em-up that takes a familiar concept and perfects it. An excellent beat-em-up and an Epic Game, Turtles IV Takes the Prize.

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