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NHL 12 Video Game Review for Xbox 360 and PS3

Published on October 06, 2011 with No Comments

Please note that, as per usual with Aresmen Reviews, the product’s numerical grade will be followed by a phonetic transcription of the exact emotion it elicits within me. If you think this is ridiculous, keep in mind it’s no less silly than assigning an obscure adjective like “Good” to a number.


The gameplay in NHL 12 is incredibly easy to review. Like many iterations of the series before it, NHL 12 is a slight polishing of the gameplay of its predecessors. What you end up getting is a refined yet familiar take on what is probably the most fun sports franchise currently going.

It’s the little touches that will make a Hockey fan happy. The goaltender is back in play after being pretty much untouchable in the past few games. Things like this really do make the game more authentic.

Signature traits for individual players are huge stepping stone towards making them seem more like their real life counterparts. In NHL 12, Holmstrom will set up shop in front of the net and screen that damnable goalie.

The gameplay is not perfect, however. Unfortunately, in many ways, video game rules still apply. It is still far easier to score goals on one-timers and wrap-arounds than any other way.

As it pertains to modes, NHL 12 boasts a crazy amount of depth. The highly addictive GM mode returns. Be A Pro and Be A Legend modes are absolutely engrossing, starting off your nobody or future Hockey God at 16 in Junior and running you through a hockey career.

All in all, a very sound upgrade on last year’s offering.


 Unfortunately, this is a realm where the game hasn’t really improved in the last few years. A few bells and whistles were added, like occasional proper team intros, but the graphics still kind of look “Early Xbox 360”. This is an area where the series can definitely be improved.


I have to say I’m starting to dislike Gary Thorne and Bill Clemente with the fiery fury of one thousand suns. They sound okay in-game, but there’s only so many times you can hear the same lines over and over without wanting to turn the game’s commentary off. The soundtrack consists of the usual Rock. You either like it or you don’t. If you don’t, replace it with your own stuff. Sound effects are, as usual, excellent.

Overall Rating

 9.2 out of 10 or HmmmmMMMMuh!!!!


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