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  • Assassin's-Creed-III-Review

    Assassin’s Creed III Review

    So my Editor walked into my Office a few days ago and handed me a game to review. I looked down at the game, looked back at him and frankly asked him “why?”. “I’ve never…

  • Final-Fantasy-6-How-to-Get-Girls-Into-Video-Games

    Top 5 Ways to Get your Girlfriend into Video Games

    Some of us are incredibly lucky. We’ve somehow found a gorgeous girl who absolutely loves to get her ass handed to her at Street Fighter II… Or at least flies into a horrific rage when…

  • Top-5-Ridiculous-Retro-Video-Game-Characters

    Top 5 Ridiculous Retro Game Characters

    Yes, we know. Most retro game characters were ridiculous. You have, giant monkeys, small blue robots, homogenous blobs that are supposed to be X-Men, Earthworms in spacesuits, the whole 9 yards. Today, we count down…

  • Deadpool-Teaser-Video-Game

    This article contains a video.

    YES! Deadpool Teaser

    Nothing to say here. Just take my cash, Activision, you money-grubbing bastards.

  • tmnt-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-nostalgia-retro-game-review-nes

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES) Review

    If you love your watching your beloved Ninja Turtles vanish into their shells and then spontaneously disintegrate over and over, then this game is for you! Prepare to Take Leonardo and Donatello for a spin (because the…

  • top-5-surprisingly-epic-retro-games

    Top 5 Surpisingly Epic Video Games of our Childhood

    Due to the success of our Top 5 Epic Cartoons article, we’ve decided to give you one for games as well. We take care of our readerses, yes. Let’s get started 5) Super Mario RPG…

  • top-5-retro-video-games-of-all-time

    The Top 5 Retro Video Games of All Time

    Below is an aggregated top 5 list of all of the Aresmen writers. All writers were asked to submit a Top 5 list. Entries were scored on a points system and the winners are below.…

  • funniest-video-games-top-10

    Top 10 Funniest Video Games of All Time

    In a world where games are violent and where your objective is often to bludgeon/shoot/maim/slice/gruesomely execute several nameless minions in order to accomplish some hackneyed goal. (ie: Murder thousands of sentient Turtles and Mushrooms to…

  • winner-is-strong-bads-tag-team-pro-wrestling-review-retro

    Retro Game Review – Tag Team Pro Wrestling (NES)

    We have such a nostalgic view of the good old NES. We remember that Nintendo seal of approval MEANING something, dammit. It meant that the game you were getting met a standard of quality… A…

  • ghostbusters-retro-game-review-nostalgia

    Retro Game Review – Ghostbusters (NES)

    And… prooved the justice of our culture? This is bad… very bad. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the most bewildering of NES video games, Ghostbusters. Had you rented this when…