Dating Tips – What to do on a First Date

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A lot of guys ask me about the ultimate first date; what to do with a girl to ensure that things go smoothly. To ensure that she has a good time. To ensure that, Hell, she sleeps with you.

Well, guys, there is no magic formula. No perfect date. However, there are certain things that have repeatedly worked for me in the past that I will share with you because you’re awesome, audience! Yeah.

Plan the date out.

The logistics of a good date matter more than you think. Try and pick a location somewhat near your place. That way, if you want to go back there, it’ll be easily accessible. I would suggest you start the date at around 7-8. Make certain that she isn’t doing anything after. That way, if you guys click, you can keep it going.

Start with something small. Go grab coffee, tea, or a drink at a QUIET bar. This allows you to talk to a girl and run your game with no distractions. If you guys don’t click, who cares? You’ve bought two coffees and can end the date right there. If you guys do click, you can plan out a few more locations to go to following the date. Go for a walk. Go from coffee to going for a walk to a bar. Change venues. It keeps things interesting.

Do not go for dinner, since it can end up going too long, being needlessly expensive, and is less personal than a coffee or a drink.

Don’t go for a movie, to a concert, or to anything with distractions. You’re trying to attract the woman and to do that, you must talk to her.

Talk about interesting things. If you’re not good at improv-ing interesting stuff, try and plan some in advance. Don’t talk about the weather, jobs, or anything mundane. Talk about things that can connect the girl to you emotionally like exciting experiences, spiritual froo froo stuff, male/female relationships, etc.

If the date goes well, and you’re up for it, you can invite the girl over for drinks/to watch a movie/whatever ridiculous excuse you can come up with.

In most cases, you WILL have to come up with some ridiculous excuse in order to get around the anti-slut mental gymnastics defense.

Let me know how it goes guys. Till next time, Good luck out there… We’re all counting on you.

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