Pickup Tips: The Wingman

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The WIngman

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Approaching beautiful women in a social environment can be nerve-racking for most guys. The problem with approaching women in any social environment is that they are rarely left alone. Women stay close to their friends, so if you want to pick up the girl you have to get through the “friend shield”; an impenetrable wall of female protection. Some guys can go it alone and are successful at simultaneously winning over the girl and her friends, but it takes a lot of practice and confidence. For the average Joe, getting a good wingman is the best way to penetrate a group of women.

The job of a wingman is just what the name implies, a friend that stays by your side and provides support. Cruising for women with a trusted wingman can make the process less uncomfortable, knowing you have a buddy by your side. A good wingman can higher your value when approaching a group of women and improve the success rate. A good wingman should help you spot potential girls, run interference, distract C-blockers (male and female), provide a backup for your stories, help with social proof, and keep your spirits up if you get rejected.

In order to work together you have to establish a set a clearly defined rules. Before approaching a group of women, you must decide which girl each of you are going to target, it will keep you from stepping on each other’s toes; It is counterproductive for both to go for the same girl. Never disagree with your fellow wingman or take the girl’s side on any issue, even if he is wrong. Girls always will respect the tight-knit crew over the group of friends who are falling over each other just to get laid.

Get your story straight! Never tell a fictional story, without running it by your wingman. The girl might try to verify your story, making you and wingman look foolish. Always rehearse the approach until you have done it enough times. Just as a team football practices a well-coordinated offensive strategy, you and your wingman must know the opponent and structure a game plan.

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