Ways in which Men and Women Test Each Other

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This is part one in a two-part article. The second part will deal with various ways men can respond to womens’ shit tests.

So a buddy asked me this week: “How do I know a woman is testing me?”

I responded, only half jokingly: “Is her mouth open? Are words coming out? She’s testing you.”

In the dating game, men and women will test each other incessantly. They aren’t doing this for deceptive or malicious reasons. Rather, the purpose is to ascertain whether or not the member of the opposite sex is a compatible and attractive mate for them. There are certain universal qualities in men that women find attractive and vice-versa.

However, humans are sneaky buggers. When we meet a new person, there’s a very good chance we will be putting our best foot forward, trying to display those positive characteristics while minimizing the negative ones.

What Women Test For

One of the most universally attractive qualities a man can have is confidence. A man that is sure of himself and cool as a cucumber is often irresistible to members of the fairer sex. This is because confidence belies a sense of personal power. A man that is sure of himself will also be a man who is powerful in his own way, and power is extremely attractive to women.

But how confident is the man? How together is he? Is he really King of his own little Universe or is he just pretending to seem attractive?

Some ways in which they test this are as follows:
-Checking to see if you will actually stand behind everything you say or every joke you make at their expense.
Example: She acts offended if you say something jerkassy to her.
-Coming up with outlandish or awkward statement just to see if you can handle it properly.
Example: “Just to let you know, I never have sex on a first date” (said completely out of context.)
-Indirect ways to see if you “Get it”. If you have experience dealing with women and understand how to interact with them.
Example: “I bet that you’re a jerk/player/heartbreaker/whatever”

Another way in which women test you is to see how much they can get away with. In interactions, both men and women want as much personal power as possible. Women will continuously push the envelope to see just how much power they can glean from any given relationship. This may include:
-Purposely bratty or nagging behavior.
-Comments that undermine and/or criticize you.
-Seeing how jealous you get of other men.

Men who allow this type of testing to occur without nipping it at the bud usually become whipped and, consequently, the woman loses attraction in them. It’s a catch 22.

How Men Test Women

Confident men are not necessarily looking for the same thing women are in a amte. Aside from a woman’s physical attributes, we generally look at how easy it will be to get along with a girl.

This may include:
-Teasing to see if the girl has a good sense of humor.If done right, this is good-natured and not malicious.
-Seeing is a girl enjoys activities that he enjoys. If they do not have anything in common, she will bore him.
-Seeing if the girl is TRULY a bratty or nagging person and it isn’t just a shit test as mentioned above.

Tune  to my next article to see how men can respond to a woman’s various tests. I may also do one for the ladies if i can think of sufficient material.

Till Next Time…

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