The Loveable Jerkass

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Published on October 25, 2011 with 1 Comment

Are you a nice guy? Do you help little old ladies cross the street, rescue kittens from trees, and fight for truth, justice, and the (Insert Your Country Here) way?

That’s excellent. Keep doing all that stuff. My job isn’t to turn you into a horrible person, it’s to give you information that will allow you to act in a way that is more attractive to the illusive and illogical woman-creature.  (It’s a joke, ladies, step away from the hate-mail button.)

Are you a nice guy? Do you give more than you receive? Do you buy women flowers and shower them with affection and romance early on? Do you listen to their problems and drama and provide them with sound, compassionate advice? Do you wonder why they ignore you, stuff you in their friend zone, and sleep with the first braying jackass that comes along?

STOP IT. STOP IT. STOP IT. What the Hell is the matter with you?

In your mind, as a man, you logically think this is the type of behavior that would attract a woman. Women just aren’t wired that way.

What does attract them? Confidence. The ability to build sexual tension. The ability to remove them from a pedestal and bust on them like you would one of your buddies. If you can say whatever the Hell you want to a girl without caring what her response will be, you’re pretty much most of the way there.

Be the Loveable Jerkass. Be able to tease her about anything your dark little mind can think of. Remember, I said tease, not insult. Teasing has to be funny. Some responses from her to that show you’re on the right path are:

-You’re so MEAN!
-You’re SUCH an ASSHOLE!
-Her smacking you. Note that a slap to the face probably means you didn’t strike the right tone.

Be cocky in a fun way. Never try to impress her. In fact, change your own perspective and force the girl to impress you. What makes her so interesting that someone as awesome as you would be interested?

Being the Loveable Jerkass allows you to engage in almost every attractive behavior imaginable. It demonstrates sense of humor, confidence, and social intelligence.

Get on it, guys.

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  1. Nice video! Keep up the good work.Thing is, Steven, pick up teceniquhs don?t really work for some people. Some folk get away with saying the most awful and obvious chat up lines. There are ways to introduce yourself to gorgeous women without coming across as a cheesy avoidable? Even innocent statements such as ??Is this seat taken?? or I could do with some coffee, could I get you some?? are brimming with promise of more to come.You have only one chance to make an impression, and it better be good.

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