Dating Tips – The Uselessness of Dwelling and Revenge

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Published on June 20, 2012 with No Comments

So you’ve been cheated on. So your life sucks. So the girl of your dreams broke up with you to be with some douchebag.

It hurts. It kills.

We’re all human. We’re not stone. We desire revenge. We dwell on the bad things that happen to us and wonder what we could have done differently.

I’m not going to tell you to stop doing that. It’s absolutely impossible.

Rather, what I will tell you is that you should definitely try and minimize it. Don’t dwell forever. Don’t seek out revenge. It’s unnecessary.

Remember in one of my previous dating tips articles, I stated that Self Improvement is the Best Dating technique. Well, self-improvement is also the best revenge and it is also the best healing mechanism.  If something bad happens to you, making yourself better will show the perpetrators that you are above them. That they were unable to drag you down in the mud with them.

This will create a cycle where you feel better and better. As you become better, your confidence will rise which will in turn make you better.

Another way to try and speed up the recovery process is to date. A lot. I’m not saying you should get into a relationship. I’m saying that success with women will also help boost up your confidence. Also, keeping yourself busy with this will prevent you from dwelling and feeling sorry for yourself. It’s a win-win.

Of course, to do this, you can’t act like a mopey macgruber in front of the girls, so put on your Brave face and go at it.

Some people will be aghast here and say that you shouldn’t date… That you need time to heal.

Well, you need a little time to heal from the worst of it… But within a week or two, you should get back on the saddle. If you just sit around, you’ll mope, and moping leads to dwelling.

Good luck out there, Gentlemen, We’re all counting on you.

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