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This week, we get back to the picking up women and general man-whoring around that this column is known for. Huzzah!

Today, I shall introduce you to my tried and true. “Get Laid in Three Hours” first date. Keep in mind this is not GUARANTEED to work, but it did work for me many times and can work for you as well, provided you take the appropriate steps. I was actually reluctant to share this, since it’s pretty much my baby, but Hey… Writers Block.

Women are tricky creatures. Usually, even the ones that are willing to sleep with you need to be taken down a path where they believe it happened naturally. I’ve referred to this in the past as the Anti-Slut Defense Principle, which states that most women will put up resistance to sleeping with you because they do not want to appear like a giant shkank. (Even if they’re totally into you). Some girls are very direct and will dispense with this nonsense but for the others, you must play the game.

Here are some guidelines for your 3 hour date. Logistics are incredibly important, as is building attraction and comfort as quickly as possible.


1) Try your utmost to pick her up from her place. One car means less headaches when trying to get her back to your place. Alternately, you can have her meet you at your place, and THEN you take her on the date, forcing her to come back to pick up her car. Try to start the date around 7 on weekdays or 8-9 on weekends. That way, it won’t be too late when you invite her over to your place at the end of the night.

2) Try and have the venue or venues for the date be near your place. That way, if you suggest for her to come over, it won’t be out of the way. Remember, the smoother and more natural something is to a woman, the more likely she’s gonna do it.

Places that are familiar to you are gold, since you’re likely to feel comfortable there. Don’t be afraid to take different girls on the same date. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

3) Go to two different venues. A coffee shop and a walk in the park. Bowling and then a bar. Hell, even the mall. If you go to two places, you’ll create the illusion of the date having lasted longer, which builds comfort more quickly.

4) Have the ability to talk at every venue. Do not go watch a movie or to a loud bar. Go to quiet places so that you can run your game with no interruptions.

5) Be interesting. Build attraction by discussing interesting things. For help, read this dating tips article. If you want to know what to avoid doing, check out this First Date article. Try to move the conversation towards discussing sexier things. You can do this by asking questions like “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done while drunk” or playing games like “I Never” with a drink. Your mileage will vary here, since every girl is different in how comfortable they are with talking about sex, so tread carefully.

However, one thing is for certain. If she’s talked about sex with you, she’ll be more likely to have sex with you.

6) Physical Escalation. Be very touchy feely. Hug her when you meet up. Tap her on the shoulder after a joke. Sit close to her. Grab her hand eventually. If she’s familiar with your touch, she’ll be more comfortable to eventually kiss you and then potentially something more.

7) Get her back to your place.
A few ways to do this:
-Plant a hint that you’re a big movie buff and then invite her over to your place for a movie
-Use the following line if she left her car at your place: “Well, I do have to work tomorrow/go for breakfast/whatever, but you can come up for a bit.”
-Invite her up for a drink/coffee. Bonus points if you’re specific with what kind of drink. It adds to the wonderful illusion you’re creating.

If you’ve been doing things right and escalating properly, there’s a good chance you can make your move.

Till next time, good luck out there, gentlemen. We’re all counting on you.

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