Dating Tips: The Best Dating Technique is Self Improvement

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There is a lot of technique and theory out there, for both men and women, on how to attract members of the opposite sex.

Every angle is covered. Pick-up Lines. Conversational tools. Body Language. How to act, even stuff like vocal intonation.

We discuss these types of techniques on this very site. One thing, however, is not very often stated and it definitely should be.

If you are a guy and you feel you are not successful with members of the opposite sex, becoming successful is going to take work. You can’t be lazy about it. Pick-up techniques will help, but you have to learn them and how to properly apply them, which takes time.

In parallel, you should definitely look at self-improvement.It will help you more than any pick-up line will.

A lot of pick-up technique tries to teach you to be confident, because that is possibly the most attractive trait a man can have. It will teach you about being cocky and funny and, to a point, it will work. The problem is, though, this isn’t real confidence. It’s an act. With time and success with women, your confidence will build, of course, but I have another way you can do that.

How? Improve yourself.

If you have a lack of confidence with women, it usually stems from feelings of inadequacy in certain areas of you life. Perhaps you aren’t a Greek Adonis. Perhaps you aren’t rich or fashionable or whatever.

If you know there are areas in your life that need improving, improve them!

Sure, you’re not an adonis, but if you get rid of that pot-belly, you’ll sure as Hell be more attractive.

Sure you’re not Donald Trump, but working hard and moving up the ladder in whatever your field is will make your life more secure and less stressful.

-Sure you’re not on the blazing edge of fashion, but researching and getting clothes that flatter you (which is not necessarily going to be expensive) will definitely give you that confidence boost.

So at the same time as you’re using pick-up techniques and whatever else to succeed with women, you’ll be growing your confidence organically and improving your life. In addition, the fact that you have improved in those areas will also be attractive to women. Someone fashionable, athletic, and financially secure is far more attractive than a poor slob with a pot belly

Till next time, gentlemen, Good Luck out there, we’re all counting on you.


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