Dating Tips – Don’t Be Jealous or Controlling

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When starting relationships, especially with a pretty girl, most men aren’t too sure how to act. The girl still wants her freedom. She wants to go out. She wants to have fun. Guys are likely to hit on her because she’s hot.

Now, most guys can’t handle this. They try to control the situation. They try to limit a girl’s freedom so that she can’t be placed in situations where she will interact with other men. If they can’t do that, they worry.

They think that, through these actions, they have control of the situation.

What they don’t get is that, in most cases with women, you must apply the Inverted Logic Dating Principle, which states that, in order for a man to achieve what he wants out of a dating situation, he must do the opposite of what he should be doing logically.

So, what should you do if a woman is doing something you don’t like early on? You can bust her on it, but you can’t get mad, you can’t get irate, and you can’t tell her what to do.

How do you avoid that sinking feeling you get when she goes out and does her own stuff? Easy. Have your own life and do your own things to do, which will make you less focused on hers.

If she is actually behaving badly, or engaging in behaviors you legitimately don’t like, I can tell you that indifference and being disappointed in her are a much better deterrent than any kind of anger or controlling behavior are.

Example: If she parties a lot.

You: Hey Hun. Let’s go grab a drink tonight.

Her: I don’t know. I might have something with the girls.

You: Again? Quite the party animal you are! (busting on her.) Alright, I’ll go out with the boys. Some other time then! (end conversation)

Ending the conversation will convey your slight disappointment. Do not try and continue the conversation or convince her to come out with you. Your indifference is more likely to make that happen anyway. The fact that you’re not acting angry, yet still conveying that you aren’t really going to put up with what you don’t like is key here.

In parallel, positive reinforcement of good behavior does actually work. See? It ain’t all negative.

If you want real control in a situation, you must be perceived as having little vested interest in its outcome.

So don’t be a chump. Be better. Be smarter, and you will get what you want out of dating.

Till next time, gentlemen, good luck out there. We’re all counting on you.

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