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On the whole, there is one great undeniable truth about the male gender of our species: We are lazy, lazy bastards.

This is, of course not true of every man. You have the workaholics. The Type As. The extremely ambitious. However, if you were to poll even them, they’d tell you that they love to get the most results you possibly can while implementing the least amount of effort.

This of course, rarely works.

As with anything, to be successful with women, you have to work at it. You can not sit around and be a lazy slob, and then wonder why success isn’t coming to you.

Today, we’ll talk about the very first thing you need to do to put yourself onto the Pickup Path towards getting the odds in your favor. We all know that not everyone is equally good looking or attractive. That’s a fact of life. You can, however, make yourself as attractive as you can possibly be. This entails accentuating your virtues while hiding your flaws.

It’s not something that is the easiest to explain, but think of it this way: Think of the absolute most ideal version of yourself. The version of yourself that is the closest to James Bond or Indiana Jones or whatever. Think about how that person would dress. How he would look. How he would act. This version of you is your Avatar. The interesting, awesome, and attractive version of yourself you will become.

Now, it’s not always easy, and some people find it harder than others. For instance, if you’re chubby, you may have to work out. It’s not necessary, mind you, but it definitely helps. If you feel you can still be successful without working out, then go for it.

Please note that you are not changing who you are when you create your avatar. You are simply putting your best foot forward.

Here are some guidelines to follow when creating your avatar.

-Have a good haircut. You don’t have to pay a hairdresser millions of dollars, but find something that suits you and bring him a picture so that he gets it right. If you’re balding, shave it. Shaved head is far more attractive than combover.

-Wear stylish clothes that fit. You don’t have to start splurging on Armani suits here. Even if it’s a t-shirt and jeans kind of day, make sure the t-shirt and jeans are clean, stylish and fit your style.

-Try and stand out. Try and have your avatar convey who you are. You should be having fun with this. Don’t start wearing something that you feel uncomfortable in or that doesn’t suit you. There are a million different things you can wear that look great. Find something that suits you and that is noticeable. Do not use this as an excuse to wear hideous, out-of-fashion stuff. Just because you love your 10-year old short-sleeved plaid shirt, doesn’t mean it’s fashionable.

You have to do your research here, and come up with something that will be both stylish and congruent with you. You’ll be on the cover of GQ in no time.

-Hygiene. Come on. You know this one. Trim nails. Shower. Style your hair properly. Smell good. Wear clean clothes. I know this stuff should be obvious, but you’d be surprised.

-Eat Well and Get in Shape. This is a tough one, but it’s the one that can show the most results. If you’re healthy, you will feel better with your life and being in shape is guaranteed to make you more attractive to the opposite sex. They may be less shallow than men, but a flat stomach is still more attractive than a pot belly any day of the week. Remember… we’re still animals, and the female of our species wants healthy mates, because it will ensure healthy children.

You’re on your way to becoming your own version of James Bond.

Till next week, good luck out there, we’re all counting on you.

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