Dating and Relationships – Don’t Let the Little Things Kill You

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We’ll get back to picking up hoochies next week.

Today, we’ll discuss something a little more weighty: Namely, the reason a ton of relationships End. There are always the Big Issues of course. Someone wants kids, someone doesn’t. Cheating’s another one. Etcetera, Etcetera.

And then, there’s those breakups where the person has just started to annoy the bejeezus out of you. You can’t pinpoint it, but there is just something driving you crazy and you’re not sure what it is.

This is where the dark demon known as “Little Things” comes in. He swoops down and devours your relationship in a cloud of inanity, leaving you wondering what the hell happened.

Do not let this happen to you.

Communication and compromise are key in all issues in a relationship, even the small ones. Never be a Dick about it.(I say this even when I discuss pickup. Be cocky, arrogant,confident, whatever… But never a douche.) If your partner changes the channel without asking you while you’re watching something, state that such behavior annoys you and that they should at least ask in the future. If you do the same to them absent-mindedly (keep in mind you’re not being a douche or purposely teasing them), you may just want to quickly apologize and let it go.

If your partner gets overly agitated about these types of things, you may want to sit down with them and have a talk. Sometimes, getting annoyed over many small things is symptomatic of a larger issue. Sometimes, the person has allowed him or herself to lash out at you for small things because you let them throughout the course of the relationship. It is in my experience that the more you give people, the more they take.

Nevertheless, if one partner is repeatedly lashing out at the other, you need to sit down and have a talk about it. Let them know that you do not appreciate their outbursts: That they make you feel disrespected and that being harsh over small things will significantly harm the relationship.

Your goal is to get to a situation within your relationship where small issues are discussed and rapidly dismissed or the relationship simply will not work.

If outbursts are symptomatic of a larger issue, you need to figure out what it is and discuss it at length. Small issues should be resolved quickly and painlessly. Large issues need to be discussed until they are fixed.

Sometimes, unfortunately, people just like drama. A lot of women, for example, simply love to make a gigantic issue out of any given situation that even mildly upsets them. Conversely, a lot of men will not give any ground on anything because of stubbornness. While this may work when you’re trying to pass a girl’s shit tests when you start dating her, it will not lead to a healthy relationship with your significant other.

If a person does not have the ability to stop sweating the small things, they may not currently be in the mindset to have a healthy relationship. As such, you may need to look elsewhere.

I think I need to say again that I can’t stress how important Communication is. Generally, if everything in a relationship is on the table, things always get resolved pretty quickly.

Until next week gentlemen, good luck out there, we’re all counting on you.


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