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Some people get nervous about a first date, or about any date. Others simply dislike dating.

“There are too many crazies out there!”, they say.

Well, my brothers, if you wish to be successful in love, you must absolutely change your way of viewing dates and dating. If you are nervous for a first date, it’s probably as a result of your mentality going into it.

You are looking towards the outcome of the date rather than just trying to enjoy it. Being outcome oriented is fine in business, but in dating, you should take a completely different approach.

Dating is a series of small moments, where the goal for each and every single one of them is to enjoy yourself. If you go into any date with the goal of meeting someone interesting, and enjoying yourself in every single one of those moments, you will begin to enjoy dating.

It takes very little effort and time to go for a coffee with someone. If you find that they are boring or insane or just not your type, the worst thing that could possibly happen is that you’ll be out five bucks and 20 minutes of your life. On the other hand it could work out in many ways.

On your end, not being concerned with the outcome of a date will increase your chances of succeeding during the date. You won’t be nervous. You’ll just be a guy having a good time. It’s a glorious catch 22 that will work in your favor.

In if the girl is crazy? So what? It’s a good story. Other women love hearing about crazy date stories. It’s chick crack.

If she’s boring, well, maybe she’s good for a one-night roll in the hay. Maybe not.

Till next time, gentlemen, enjoy dating and enjoy life.



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