Dating Tips – Building Attraction Through Body Language Part I

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This will be a three-part series on dating body-language. Parts one and two shall be written by me, while the final part will be taken care of by everyone’s favorite Dating Doctor.

Communication is a funny thing. Funny because most of it actually takes place first through body language, and second through tone and speed of voice. In fact, the content of what you actually say only accounts for a mere 7% of communication.

This is excellent news for those who have no idea how to talk to a woman, because frankly, most of what you say won’t matter anyways. You must communicate on a primal nonverbal level both how awesome you are, and that you are someone with whom she can have a special connection (be it for just one night or forever and ever).

So why exactly is this good news? Well, because it is actually not that hard to do…at all really. All it takes is a little knowledge (that I will happily provide), a little self awareness , and perhaps a little practice…Here’s the good news: Once you are able to provide all the non-verbal cues you need to get that attraction, what you say won’t matter all that much, unless it’s really horrible.. And I am talking orca mega “Dear God how can you still be alive after so many lobotomies” horrible.

So, without further adieu, on to the good stuff.

Let’s start with your head. When talking to someone, raising your head slightly or raising an eyebrow, indicates interest. This is a good thing to do when she talks about something she finds very interesting/ or about something that she is emotionally connected to, as this will communicate that you are listening to her and are interested in getting to know who she is. A small tilt of the head sideways, slightly exposing your neck also communicates interest and as well, that you are comfortable being yourself with her. Consequently, this will make her feel more comfortable around you as well.

Lastly, nodding when she talks indicates interest in what she is saying. Be careful not to nod too quickly, or you will give her the impression that she’s boring you and you want her to shut up so you can speak. Nodding while you talk subliminally encourages her to agree with you. So it may be a good time to do that if there’s something you would like her to consent to.

Moving on to the face. When talking to her or even listening to her, and this is very important, look her directly in the eyes. This simple act shows that you are confident (which is very sexy) that you are honest, and that you are interested in making a connection. That being said, you don’t have to, and actually shouldn’t continuously and creepily glare into her eyes as though she were about to become victim # 8. Breaking eye contact is ok. DO NOT look downwards at any point, as doing so screams “I’m an insecure wussy!!”

Tune in soon for Part 2

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